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Tips For A Successful Search

The Medina County Recorder’s Office strives to make your online searches as simple as possible. After clicking on the “accept” button at the bottom of this page, you will be directed to the Medina County Recorder’s “Land Record Search” webpage. There, you will be given several options on which to conduct your land records search. For optimum success, users are urged to use their “parcel number” for their searches. The 11-digit parcel number can be found several ways. Searchers can go to the Medina County Auditor’s webpage and do an address or name search. The data that appears will include a “parcel number.” In addition, residents can find their parcel number on their tax bill from the Medina County Treasurer. Insert the parcel number ONLY (without dashes) and hit the “search” button to find the documents associated with this number. If you are unable to locate the parcel number to the property being researched, simply insert your last name in the Land Record Search and hit the “search” button. This will pull up a selection of listings associated with the last name submitted. If the last name submitted is very common, there may be many items to scroll through to find your document. A search with just a name is possible, however, inserting a parcel number is much quicker.

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