February 22, 2021

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 (Corona) virus pandemic and the prior Stay-at-Home Orders of Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), the Medina County Commissioners previously closed county buildings to the general public.

Some essential governmental functions under the orders were county government operations and government employees who work for or support essential businesses and operations. These included financial and insurance institutions, appraisers, title companies, mortgage brokers, and certain professional services including legal services, accounting services, and real estate services (appraisal and title services). On March 25, 2020, the Ohio General Assembly passed Amended H.B. 197, requiring all 88 County Recorders’ Offices to remain open and Governor DeWine signed that Bill into Law.

Medina County Recorder Linda Hoffmann announced that the Recorder’s Office remains open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to perform essential governmental functions and to support essential financial and real estate sectors of our economy. Recorder Hoffmann has adopted the following office “social distancing” policies to help protect county employees, our customers, and the general public:

(1)  The Recorder’s Office will be staffed at normal staffing levels.

(2)  All customers are urged to submit documents, including deeds, to the Medina County Recorder’s Office, via online E-recording. Alternatively, documents (other than deeds) and applicable recording fees can be mailed to the Recorder’s Office by regular U.S. mail. Most real estate documents are online at

(3)  Attorneys and employees of title companies, real estate service providers, financial service providers, law offices, mortgage brokers, and developers/builders (deemed essential by the ODH Order) are required to call ahead to the Recorder’s Office at (330) 725-9786 for an appointment and limited in-person access. For deeds and title transfers, please also call ahead to the County Engineer’s Tax Maps department at (330) 725-9777 or (330) 725-9798, and to the County Auditor’s Office (330) 725-9754.

(4)  Documents still being recorded in-person are to be placed by customers into a centrally-located Inbox for processing. Once those documents have been officially recorded, the deputy Recorders will place the customers’ hardcopies in a centrally-located Outbox for pick-up.

(5)  Tables have been placed before the front office counters to increase the social distance between deputy Recorders and the public to at least 6 feet.

(6)  Appointments can be scheduled by phone in advance to obtain or renew your Veterans’ ID card.

September 16, 2020


Effective on Monday, September 21, 2020, the Medina County Recorder’s Office will again be accepting appointments for the recording of U.S. Military Veterans’ DD-214 discharge paperwork and for the issuance or renewal of Veterans’ Photo ID cards. Appointments must be made at least one business day in advance via telephone to
330-725-9782. Thank you for your patience during the COVID-19 emergency.

August 20, 2020


In accordance with a recent Ohio Attorney General Opinion interpreting the statutory provisions of Sections 317.22, 319.202, and 319.54 of the Ohio Revised Code, an instrument creating or conveying an easement, or right-of-way, of any kind must first be stamped or indorsed by the County Auditor before that instrument can be submitted to the Court Recorder for official recording. The County Recorder’s Office is not legally authorized to accept any easement, or right-of-way, documents which do not have the required stamp or indorsement of the County Auditor thereon. 

Perpetual road or highway easement documents will continue to be treated as they have always been treated—being submitted first to the County Engineer’s Tax Map Office, then to the County Auditor’s Office, and finally to the County Recorder’s for official recording.

Effective September 1, 2020, however, any other new easement, or right-of-way, instruments must first be submitted to the Medina County Auditor’s Office for its stamp or indorsement, prior to being recorded with Medina County Recorder Office.  Easement, or right-of-way, documents submitted electronically for e-recording will be routed to the County Auditor for review, prior to being recorded by the County Recorder.

Unfortunately, easement, or right-of-way, documents will no longer be able to be submitted by regular U.S. Mail.  Instead, such hardcopy documents must be walked through to the County Auditor’s Office for stamping or indorsement, before being submitted to the County Recorder’s Office for official recording.

Under Ohio law, any non-complying easement, or right-of-way, documents must be rejected for recording by the Recorder’s Office. We apologize for any inconvenience.