Electronic Recording – (E-Recording)

The Medina County Recorder’s Office offers e-recording to its filing customers. Lending institutions, title companies, and attorneys can now file a selection of documents right from their own office. Once a filing customer has signed up with one of our e-recording companies, all they need is high-speed internet service and a scanner to record documents without having to make a trip to the Recorder’s Office.

E-recording has several benefits over regular recording at the Recorder’s Office. E-recording is environmentally friendly by reducing the use of paper, fuel, and other resources associated with traditional recording. With e-recording, turnaround time for processing is much quicker than traditional recording. Payment is also simple with e-recording. Each filer pays one payment for each day no matter how many documents are filed using ACH through their banking institution. Filers no longer have to worry about paper checks made out for the wrong amount because the exact amount needed is charged through the ACH process. For those filers who mail documents to the office to be filed, there is no longer the worry of misplaced, damaged, or delays in mail with e-recording.

The following companies have approved e-recording contracts with the Medina County Recorder’s Office. Select a company and begin e-recording today!!!

Phone: 1-800-460-5657 / X1031
Cell: 610-931-6727
Acct. Rep. John Riddell

Phone: 651-766-5122
Acct. Rep. Tim Taylor

Phone: 1-888-325-3365
Direct: 216-318-6368
Acct. Rep. Bob Grohol

CSC eRecording Solutions
Email:  erecording@cscglobal.com
Phone: 1-866-652-0111
Website:  www.erecording.com