Property Fraud

What is it?

When someone illegally uses your property for financial gain.

How does it happen?
Someone records a fraudulent document in the County Recorder’s Office
making it look like they own your home or property.

What can I do about it?
Sign up for Property Fraud Alert.

Medina County Recorder Linda Hoffman urges all county residents to take advantage of a free service offered by the office to help protect against property fraud. Residents can sign up through the Recorder’s website to receive Property Fraud Alerts, an automated database that monitors activity involving land records filed in the Medina County Recorder’s Office. The Property Fraud Alert system notifies individuals when transactions involving their property are recorded in the Medina County Recorder’s Office. Participants in the program can choose to receive their alerts via email or over the phone. Click on the link below to begin the simple sign-up procedure. Also, you can call the Medina County Recorder’s office at 330-725-9782 for assistance.